Follow the Middle Way and Bask in the Glow of Heavenly Amnesty

from The Imperial Agent and General Overseer, Who Is Clear Sweeping Ruler of Ten Directions:

As we move into the year 2000, non-physical powers have taken steps to carry out the Golden Seat of Rule’s policy for protecting Taiwan. Because the election for tenth-term presidency of the Republic of China is drawing near in Taiwan, competition is intense and the opponents are attacking each other. This has caused edginess in people’s hearts. In order to restore composure to people’s hearts in Taiwan, to ease the fierce opposition stirred by the elections, it is high time for gentle rainfall to soothe this excess of fiery ch’i. Let us draw on seasonal changes to harmonize yin and yang, to moisten the fertile earth and stabilize people’s hearts. We cannot let a moment’s agitation cause an irreversible downturn.

Heaven’s workings answer to human destiny. The Year of Heavenly Amnesty is about to unfold its workings. But the presidential elections on Taiwan are a great tribulation. Disharmony of purpose can attract anti-respondent forces from the non-physical realm; these forces will seize any opportunity for action. This will increase the pressure people in Taiwan must bear. Heavenly amnesty comes in response to self-pardoning and pardoning others. We hope strivers will chant their prayers wholeheartedly, and treat people according to the Twenty Watchwords. Let them walk the middle path, keeping their emotions calm and their involvement rational. Let them ease antagonisms, cut down on conflict, and avert violence. Due to their inner joy and serenity, they will be doubly blessed with benign light of Heavenly amnesty.

The dark influence of the September 21 Earthquake has decreased for a time, but wounds still remain. The precious island of Taiwan cannot stand more turmoil; otherwise the consequences will be dire.

Note 2: Immortals who work to rescue humanity from Apocalypse are called “respondent immortals,” and they belong to organized “respondent forces” in the non-physical realm. There are also “anti-respondent forces” in the non-physical realm, trying to make the Apocalypse happen as soon as possible.