The “Year of Heavenly Amnesty Movement” Is Concrete and Practicible

from the First Presiding Emissary:

I have the following guidance to offer regarding the “Year of Heavenly Amnesty Initiative”:

1) All strivers in T’ienti Chiao should reflect on how the Year of Heavenly Amnesty came about. It is a fruit of anthro-celestial collaboration, for which all strivers in our Church toiled over the years, quietly making sacrifices. They pooled financial resources, human resources, and useful objects. Presiding Emissary Wei-sheng boldly took it upon himself, out of the reverence in his heart, to petition God our Hierarch, and our Hierarch gave kind approval. The forming of this connection promises to have wide and beneficial influence.

2) Let strivers in our Church value this window of opportunity; let all buckle down to the discipline of pardoning self and others; let them remake and re-energize themselves, let go of the old and pave way for the new. Communion-light of Heavenly amnesty will naturally shine down on them. They will prove by experience: the heart’s path of cultivation is to create one’s own fate.

3) “Cleansing Hell,” which is part of Heavenly Amnesty, has a mutual karmic relationship with “cleansing the human heart.” All strivers in the Church can begin by really practicing “self-pardon.”

4) The preliminary content of this initiative drawn up in the human world is concrete and practicable. We should go ahead actively with this. All cardinals, pastors and persons with sacred duties should set an example for strivers. Strive and strive again! Rouse yourselves onward!