The Affirmative Spiritual Content of Heavenly Amnesty Year

“In summary, the affirmative spiritual content of Heavenly Amnesty Year is as follows:

  1. Peace and harmony;
  2. Looking within and making amends;
  3. Reconciliation and forgiveness;
  4. Compassion and giving;
  5. Undertaking responsibilities and making sacrifices.

In the conclusion of my written plea for Heavenly amnesty, I wrote:

“When our Church was revived in the human world, our honored master the First Presiding Emissary held forth this hope: ‘[With our prayer chants] we can harmonize the ch’i-transformations between Heaven and earth, to hold the world back from holocaust. We can silently exert transformative force to turn people’s hearts in a wholesome direction. In a natural manner we will magnify Tiandi’s true Tao, and carry out Tiandi’s will. Not only will this lay a true foundation for concord of religions, there is hope the crisis of planetary destruction can be averted and dispelled. Thenceforth, we will know the purity of Heaven and tranquility of earth; all beings will be renewed.’

Looking back on our past and forward to our future, humankind is living in a time of unprecedented danger. We need to make two kinds of effort: First, to save ourselves from the root and recover our loving nature, to bring forth awe and reverence toward the universe, so humanity will not cause its own destruction. Second, we ask the Lord to forgive what we have done and grant amnesty to all under Heaven. This will allow physical and non-physical beings of the cosmos be released from the pall of calamity. Let them recuperate and re-establish the natural laws for harmonious life.

I have resolved to offer my body and spirit, to obliterate my body and spirit if need be, to plead for an end to violence upon the vulnerable beings under Heaven. I dare to make this appeal because I stand under Tiandi Jiao’s weighty mandate to transmit teachings and bring rescue to this world. Following the footsteps of the One CH’I Progenitor and our Honored Master’s spirit of sacrifice, I realize the Tao of the universe is God, and God is the Tao of the universe. To carry out the Tao for Heaven’s sake, I will take collective karma on myself.”

Offered Jan. 31, 2000 by Presiding Emissary Lee Wei-sheng
Posted March 1, 2000 by the Ultimate Hall