Scope, Guidelines, and Time-Frame for Pardoning and Amnesty

“In this Year of Heavenly Amnesty I also propose the scope and targets of amnesty as follows: All beings in the space on or around planet earth, whether sentient or non-sentient, physical or non-physical, of whatever religion, race, gender, or region, whether good or evil.

The standard for pardoning self and others will be based on meeting the following conditions: those who repent and make amends, those who shoulder responsibility and stick with it; those who give out of compassion; those who carry out rescue from apocalypse; those who commit themselves to transmission of teachings; those who save their original companions. All of these deserve substantial amnesty.

At the same time I hereby propose principles for amnesty of the Nether Domain and cleansing Hell. Aside from the “three unpardonables,” denizens of Hell shall be given a degree of amnesty according to attitude and circumstances. The three unpardonables are: violent offenders against the great virtue of life-furthering-life; offenders who desecrate rightful bonds in the human world; and transgressors against Heaven’s laws who fail to repent and make amends.

  • I request that the Spring Longhua Assembly in 2000 be made the Commencement of Heavenly Amnesty Year.
  • I further request that April 5 [of the lunar calendar], which is the 100th anniversary of our First Presiding Emissary’s birth, be made Heavenly Amnesty Day.
  • I further request that the All-Souls Longhua Assembly [in July] be made Nether Realm Amnesty Month.
  • I further request that the Winter Longhua Assembly [in October] be made Global Amnesty Month.
  • I request that December 21 of 2000, the 20th anniversary of the earthly founding of Tiandi Jiao, be made the Concluding Day of the 2000 Amnesty Initiative for Tiandi Jiao members.
  • I also request that Dec. 26 of 2000, our honored master’s Recollection Day, be named the Day of Completion and Thanks for Heavenly Amnesty.

Striving to the utmost we will broaden the transformative progress of amnesty during this year, to transmit the teachings and bring rescue from apocalypse.”