Basic Conditions for Heavenly Amnesty: Pardon Self and Others

“Therefore, I believe the positive meaning of Heavenly amnesty to be as follows:

1) Heavenly amnesty is a new era of pacifism and humanitarianism that will put an end to violence.

2) Heavenly amnesty is a new liberation movement that will dispel collective karma through pardoning self, pardoning others, and looking within.

3) Heavenly amnesty proclaims the right God bestowed on all beings to live in dignity, harmony, and self-chosen happiness.

In my written plea, which I submitted to Heaven in a brazier, I begged the Lord to affirm the principle that all beings, by means of pardoning self and others, can attain “Heavenly amnesty.” Since calamities are made by hearts of human beings, rescue from calamity should begin with the salvation and rescue of human hearts. At the same time, I proposed these basic conditions for “Heavenly amnesty”:

1) Pardoning oneself—In keeping with “striving within oneself,” which is part of the Tiandi Teachings, let us require ourselves to reflect and make changes; take time to look within and abide by the Watchwords. Examine ourselves and make amends for past errors.
Pardoning oneself also means to be saved. It means to loosen your chains, to adust your inner balance, to liberate yourself. The catastrophe now being fomented by mankind comes from greed, anger, delusion, love, and hate; these negative notions get tangled into a ball that draws people to commit karmic errors. First reflect on pardoning oneself; emerge from your self-smothering, self-blaspheming situation. Serenity and wisdom are only a moment’s thought away; virtue and enlightenment are only a thought away.

2) Pardoning others—The collective karma of the world always arises during interplay among people. In the course of relationships, people get caught in a mentality of discrimination, antagonism, and factionalism. Any person who can get over his difficulties with pardoning himself can certainly tolerate and forgive another person, thereby reconciling the leftover karma between them. By pardoning self we can pardon others; by pardoning others we are pardoned by them. That will free us from devious infighting, from racial prejudice, from hatred of our own kind.”