Ultimate Aims: The Ideal of Three Unities

1. Religious Unity: We affirm that all major religions elucidate universal truth, but appear as various teachings due to differences in time, place and nationality. Among religions there should be “respect for differences, fondness for similarities.” With understanding and cooperation, they work to re-edify the human spirit and reclaim morality.

2. World Unity: Starting with a spirit of unity among religions, bring forth people’s altruism and wish for mutual survival. Phase out dissension among peoples, and with tacit trust and mutual reliance, establish a global village, working to hasten the advent of lasting peace and blessings.

3. Unity of Heaven and mankind: When the world leaves war behind to live in peace, bring together scientists, philosophers and religious leaders planetwide, each working from the principles they know, through channels of communication between Heaven and man, to keep advancing toward ultimate cosmic truth. At such a stage, beings from various planets will visit across the universe, and man can commune freely with deities. The religious ideal of a kingdom of Heaven can be fully realized in the human world. This kingdom of Heaven built in the human world is the ultimate realm of The Lord of Universe Church.