Substance of the Cosmos: Mind and Matter as Unity with Dual Function

What is the universe ultimately composed of? Materialism’s controversy with idealism has lasted since ancient times, but no certain answer has emerged. Only in this century did science discover the interconvertibility of matter and energy. Breaking down the boundary between physical matter and non-physical energy gave strong support for the idea of mind and matter as unity with dual function.

The active phenomena of the cosmos, all-in-all, come about through mutual adjustment of two basic constituents, which are harmonons (mind) and e-tropons (matter). E-tropons form static, yin objects by attraction of like to like, while harmonons enter and leave various objects due to attraction of opposites. The result is a cosmos combining mind and matter in a unity with dual function. There is no “mind” as such and no “matter” as such: the two are joined as one substance, forever interacting. Just as we distinguish the palm and the back of a hand, these are two sides of one whole.

The cosmos is not just what is “out there”, for the cosmos is filled with life. Life is not just here and now, for life is filled with the cosmos. In the moment of taking a breath, we join with the cosmos; the Way of human life and the cosmos being one is illumined. Humanity is not purely human, and Heaven is not purely Heaven. The subtleties of our life in the cosmos and the cosmos in our life are here to recognize.