Training in Chinese Original Quiet Sitting

*English subtitle is available in above video.

Chinese Original Quiet Sitting is the sole legacy, passed down 5,000 years from Chinese ancestors, that strengthens bodies and genes, nurtures life, gives longevity, and makes mankind unify with Heaven. For ancient Taoists it was the prime practice for tempering soul and body, taking them beyond constraints of the physical world to a marvelous integration of spirit and flesh. In it they found everlasting life.

Chinese Original Quiet Sitting was personally imparted by the First-Appointed Master Emissary of The Lord of Universe Church, Mr. Lee Yü-chieh (1901-1994), whose sobriquet is Han-ching Lao-jen [The Venerable Vessel of Stillness]. Its key is naturalness, and its method is to take no forced action. Its prime principle is dual cultivation of self-nature and body, not a focus on physiological states.

This practice does not use the slightest artificial effort, since it lies in bringing forth one’s own yang ch’i to blend with the Lord’s spirit yang which is true cosmic ch’i. That is, one’s own ch’i connects with the primordial ch’i that is spoken of only in this religion. Their workings are allowed to proceed naturally as they come into subtle adjustment. This tempering process follows natural laws. With no effort to gather ch’i, ch’i gathers of itself. Without taxing the spirit, the spirit returns to emptiness.

Once the light of spirit shines unbroken and myriad thoughts are made void, then comes the realm where sacredness enters transformation, and flesh is marvelously integrated with spirit. Thus everlasting new life is achieved by the body beyond the body. (At present Chinese Original Quiet Sitting is imparted by the current Appointed Master Emissary of the Lord of Universe Church)