Quiet Sitting and Modern Life

According to studies by scientific experts, quiet sitting works to tap your potential and nurture good health:

1) Psychologists point to improved reasoning ability, will power, creativity, and learning ability due to quiet sitting. It effectively eases stress and does away with unstable mental conditions.

2) Physiologists affirm that quiet sitting enhances metabolism and balances internal secretions. It promotes circulation of blood, coordination of the nervous system, and growth of new cells. It restores the body’s natural functions.

Brain wave - common people  Brain wave- sitter

3) Biochemists find that quiet sitting reduces blood-borne lactic acid salts. It lessens unhealthy phenomena due to insomnia, tension, and anxiety.

4) Ecologists claim that quiet sitting lets people achieve natural adjustment with their environments. It raises work morale and increases effectiveness.

5) Sociologists maintain that quiet sitting improves relationship with others and opens up space for life. To families it brings well-being; to society, gentleness and advancement.