Ultimate Aims and Ideals

The core philosophy of The Lord of Universe Church is to give life unceasingly; to embody the benevolent will of Heaven; to grow closer with one’s relatives, treat people with benevolence, and cherish things. First fulfill the human Tao by being upright, putting one’s family in order, and serving one’s country; then fulfill Heaven’s Tao by accumulating merit and helping others to find salvation. Advance on the marvelous path of cultivating self-nature and the body; broadly realize the truth of Heaven’s oneness with mankind. On the theoretical foundation of The Ultimate Realm –the Teaching Text of the Lord of Universe Church –have recourse to the truth of T’ienti’s cosmic Tao. Strive to attain religious unity, world unity, unity of Heaven and man; aspire to make the universe your home.

We pray for world peace and actively create a new realm for human life in the cosmos. More than this, we hope you can join these ranks and strive together with us.

LA Church