The Temporal Mission

The T’ienti Teachings have a twofold mission for our times:

1. Diminish the Calamity of World-Wide Nuclear War

Followers of The Lord Of Universe Church offer sincere prayers and chant the Grand Orison, asking the Lord to exercise marvelous powers that will turn our world about and avert the threat of nuclear catastrophe. More than ten years of effort have brought initial achievement in this mission.

2. Secure Taiwan as the base for Revival of T’ienti Teachings; Promote the Peaceful Unification of China; Pursue Blessings and Peace for Mankind

Starting with Taiwan as base for revival of The Lord Of Universe Church, embrace Heaven’s intent and work for world transformation. Call on the world’s people to act quickly and save themselves, to actively seek betterment, to strive optimistically to expand the mental domain of mankind’s survival, so that the violent mentality of aggression may be eliminated, and progress be made toward spiritual and moral renewal. At the same time, promote peaceful unification of China and reunite all divided countries. Secure world peace and security; bring increased harmony and blessings for humanity.