Hold Faith in God–the Supreme Ruler of the Universe

The religious founder to whom The Lord Of Universe Church give homage is the Lord of Heaven[T’ienti], the Supreme Ruler of the universe, of whom ancient Chinese said, “Purify mind and body to serve the Lord on High”. This is none other than God, in whom Western people hold common belief.

The religion which takes the Lord of Heaven’s cosmic Tao as its basis is the T’ienti Teachings. There are four essentials to observing the cosmic Tao of T’ienti:

  • Emulate the cosmos in its ceaseless motion and tireless striving. That is to say, Heaven’s workings are steadfast; the superior man strengthens himself to act with them.
  • Emulate T’ienti, who strikes a balance among natural laws of the cosmos, thus maintaining universal harmony.
  • Emulate the selflessness of Heaven and earth, which give room for all things without partiality.
  • Emulate T’ienti’s mercy and strive as this epoch draws to an end, knowing that the aim of spiritual cultivation is to save our world and its people.