Global Framework

The Lord of Universe Church has a global framework:

Title of Hall Scope of Propagative Duties Establishment at Present
Ultimate Hall Supreme organization for exercise of the Master Emissary’s powers among humanity Permanently located at origin-site of the revived T’ienti Teachings in Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Founding Hall Center for world-wide propagation Same as Ultimate Hall
Main Halls Centers for propagation on each of the five major continents
Presiding Halls Centers for propagation in each country Presiding Halls have been established in Japan and R.O.C.
Principal Halls Centers for propagation on the state, provincial, or metropolitan level Principal Halls have been established in the R.O.C for Taiwan Province, Kaohsiung Metropolis, and Taipei. U.S.A: One Principal Hall in Los Angeles.
Origin Halls Centers for propagation a the county or city level R.O.C.: A total of 22 Origin Halls. Japan: now has 2 Origin Halls.
Churches Congregational centers on the town and township level has a total of 17 Churches.