Eternal Mandate: Rescue from Cataclysm

PrayerUpon creation of the universe, T’ienti established teachings and set up a line of transmission. T’ienti was the prime hierarch of the primordial T’ienti Teachings. Thenceforth, at crucial times of turmoil or massive cosmic transformation, T’ienti never failed to meet circumstances by sending an emissary or envoy to be born on a certain planet. This emissary would meet the need of that time and environment by founding a world-saving religion, by practicing the Tao and transforming people’s hearts. Though names of religions in each era differed, the line of transmission came down through time.

Nevertheless, people of this world pile evil upon evil as they compete for wealth, sex, and power. Inborn resentments lock into cycles of vengeance, and a miasma of violence mounts to Heaven, causing an epoch-ending cataclysm in this era. Millennia of efforts by traditional religions have been to no avail. It is time to get back to the source. Only if the Lord of Heaven’s great cosmic Way reappears on earth, with the transformative influence of The Lord of Universe Church, can this late era be saved from cataclysm.