Background for Revival on Earth

PrayerAt the end of 1979, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, positioning itself to cut the oil supply of Western industrial nations. American president Jimmy Carter issued a firm statement, saying he would resort to nuclear weapons if necessary to protect the Persian Gulf oil fields. The world was on the brink of all-out nuclear war — a hairbreadth from destruction.

At that time, the 80-year-old Mr. Lee Yu-chieh prayed night and day, pleading for presence of The Lord Of Universe Church on earth to avert this calamity. At last he aroused the sympathy of Heaven, and on Dec 21, 1980 he received the Lord’s special approval for reappearance of The Lord Of Universe Church. The revival of T’ienti Teachings thus began its first generation on earth. No position of hierarch was provided for in the human world. The elderly Lee Yu-chieh, upon assuming the position of the First-Appointed Master Emissary to Humanity, actively upheld the true cosmic Tao, bringing needed transformation to this world.