A Source of Marvels Belonging to the Lord of Universe Church Alone: the Grand Orison

PrayerThe Grand Orison is an invocation of the Lord’s holy name. It’s meaning may be rendered thus: “Compassionate in heart, we plead and call upon the Golden-Palace Lord in mystic skies, Ruler of the Universe, Great Honored Pardoner of Sins in Heaven, exalted God in the Empyrean above”. As long as the Grand Orison is chanted in sincere reverence, pure sincerity naturally brings a response, whether one prays to avoid nuclear war and ease malevolent energies, or simply to dispel one’s karmic hindrances and mend one’s fortunes. For followers of The Lord Of Universe Church all over the world, this is essential to their daily practice.

In addition to this, daily cultivation includes mindfulness of our religious precepts–the “Guidelines for Human Life” or “Twenty Words of Truth”.

Basic practice also includes reflection and repentance, filling out “striving cards”, and quiet sitting. Such daily spiritual endeavor aims to protect oneself and transform others, attain equality between the sacred and mundane, and realize oneness of Heaven and mankind.