80 – 94 Years Old (1981 – 1994)

In the winter of 1980, the Lord mercifully approved the reappearance of The Lord of Universe Church on earth. There would be no position of hierarch among humanity, but Lee Yü-chieh was made the First-Appointed Master Emissary to Humanity of The Lord of Universe Church. He has two missions to accomplish:

  1. Fujiyama PrayDiminish the catastrophe of nuclear destruction: Aside from holding long-term prayer assemblies in Taiwan, the Republic of China, he offered prayers at international assemblies. In 1983 he held a meeting in Japan, the “Fujiyama Expanded Prayer Assembly to Avert Destruction of Humanity and Lessen Japan’s Grievous Natural Disasters.” On November 14, 1987 in Los Angeles, he sponsored the “Prayer Assembly to Avert Nuclear Destruction of Humanity and Reduce Disastrous Earthquakes in California”. His hope was that through the perfect sincerity of prayer, the Lord could be moved to effect miracles. As a result, the Los Angeles City Council issued a resolution expressing gratitude for his compassionate intention.
  2. Fujiyama PrayProtect Taiwan as base for revival of The Lord of Universe Church and promote China’s peaceful unification: In January 1991 and June 1992 he wrote two letters to Mr. Deng Xiaoping, hoping that Mr. Deng would give up one-party rule by the Communist Party and implement multi-party politics. Then, with the Three Principles of People as guiding philosophy, China could take the path of “one country, one ideology” while moving toward a truly peaceful re-unification across the Strait.

As of May 1994, the Lord of Universe Church under his leadership has believers, i.e. fellow-strivers, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, distributed in many countries of the world. It has established over 40 churches and sites in Taiwan, Japan, and the United States. It has also founded such institutions of learning as the T’ienjen [“Heaven to Human”] Research Institute and the T’ienjen Seminary. At present many epoch-making studies between Heaven and mankind are being undertaken.

To accomplish the ultimate aims of The Lord of Universe Church, human beings advance toward the cosmos by striving jointly with Heaven. In May 1994, having seen to the completion of an English version of The Ultimate Realm, Mr. Lee Yü-chieh strived actively to propagate the teachings internationally. In July, together with his 92-year-old wife Kuo Ch’un-hua, he did not shrink from journeying to America to convert those who have affinity, and to spread word of the great Tao of the cosmos. On December 26, 1994 Mr. Lee Yü-chieh went back to Nature in Raynon Valley, the site of the Ultimate Hall of T’ienti Teachings in central Taiwan. He had never stopped devoting himself to the ultimate aims of The Lord of Universe Church until he passed away. In this indomitable spirit of fearless striving, we can find the motive force for the religiosity of The Lord of Universe Church, which are this-worldly and dedicated to saving the world.