60 – 79 Years Old (1961 – 1980)

In 1965 Mr. Lee Yü-chieh retired from the Independence Evening Post, resolving to yield his place after he had made a contribution. He prepared himself to heed the will of Heaven. In 1968 he traveled to teach in Japan. A Japanese translation of The Ultimate Realm was completed that year.

In 1976 he traveled to America to visit relatives and see the sights. He was deeply struck by the antagonism between America and Russia, and the worrisome direction of world affairs.

In 1978 he founded the Institute for the Study of Religious Philosophy in R.O.C.. His purpose was scientific, objective study of religious philosophy, leading to worldwide religious unity.

Beginning in June 1979 he offered a training course in Chinese Original Quiet Sitting, intending to enlighten all those who have affinity, and to spread the Lord’s teachings.

In 1980, America and Soviet Union were locked in a position of imminent nuclear war because of the Afghanistan crisis. He prayed day and night for the Lord to revive The Lord Of Universe Church and save the world from crisis.