The Principle of Cosmic Ch’i Healing

Simply stated, cosmic ch’i healing works in the following way: The healer, being moved by mental energy ( bonding force ) from someone who earnestly seeks treatment, resolves to respond with compassionate mental energy (harmonizing force). Reciting the Twenty Words to link up with spirit intermediaries and sacred beings, the healer prays and silently invokes the universe’s high-level energy (cosmic ch’i). With this he repels the recipient’s pathologic factors thus having a therapeutic effect. This basically happens through action of harmonizing force between persons, strengthen by harmonizing force between persons and spirits. The key to effectiveness lies in utter sincerity on the part of both healer and recipient. See illustration.

Human beings’ body, mind and Spirit-consciousness all intimately connected and interdependent. Aside from external agents such as air and water pollution, viruses, and virulent bacteria, pathogenesis can also be traced to prolonged stress and anxiety leading to imbalance in internal secretions, and in turn giving rise to physical diseases or what psychiatry calls psychosomatic ailments. Also, mysterious influences from spirit-consciousness through reincarnation can lead to various conditions of mind-body imbalance.