Special Features of Cosmic Ch’i Healing

1) It uses spiritual energy to heal illness, not physical means such as injection or medicine.

2) The source of energy is not inner ch’i cultivated by the healer. Instead, the healer has engaged in special spiritual practice of The Lord Of Universe Church, transmitted by the Master Emissary, and by means of prayer can draw down cosmic energy. Thus healings can be performed successively on person after person, without exhausting the source.

3) Besides its attention to physiological illness, this healing also pays heed to psychological and spiritual conditioning. It is an all-round therapy.

4) The primary aim of cosmic ch’i healing is for people to abide by the Twenty Words of Truth and thereby nurture their perfect ch’i. Each person is thus given a fundamental way to save himself or herself, and furthermore to join in the activities of saving others in this world. For this reason no remuneration will be received, whether monetary or material. In truth, this is an expedient means whereby our religion, with loving heart, gives back something to society.