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Sacred Messages
1.The Hierarch Specially Approves the Presider's Appeal for a Year of Heavenly Amnesty; Let Him Elaborate the Teachings of Heavenly Amnesty, to Spread the Enlightening Message |more...|
from Sir Tai-xu, February 2, 2000
2.The Holy Countenance Was Greatly Moved by the Presider's Request to Cleanse Purgatory; Giving of His Own Spirit and Flesh, He Follows in the Footsteps of the One CH'I Progenitor |more...|
from the One CH'I Progenitor, December 27, 1999
3.The Presider's Compassion Gives Him a Mind-to-Mind Link with Our Teacher; Hold Fast to Your Rightful Task; Depletion and Replenishment Will Balance Favorably without Forced Action |more...|
from the First Presiding Emissary, February 2, 2000
4. Cleansing Hell Requires a Mandate and a Resolve to Risk Obliteration of Body and Spirit; Failure to Transform and Rescue Souls through- out Hell Will Be an Offense in Heaven's Eyes |more...|
from Sir Tai-xu, February 2, 2000
5.The Scope of "Heavenly Amnesty" and "Cleansing Hell" Is Formidable; Causing Disorder in Our Universe's Laws of Existence May Have Drastic Consequences |more...|
from Patriarch Ji of Nanpingm, February 2, 2000
6.Concentrate Righteous Ch'i into a Torch that Will Illuminate Spirit-Beings; With a Foundation of Pardoning Self and Others, You Will Partake of Heavenly Amnesty |more...|
from the First Presiding Emissary, February 18, 2000
7.Follow the Middle Way and Bask in the Glow of Heavenly Amnesty; Approach the Election in a Tolerant Mood, United to Protect Taiwan |more...|
from The Imperial Agent and General Overseer,
Who Is Clear Sweeping Ruler of Ten Directions, February 22, 2000
8.The "Year of Heavenly Amnesty Movement" Is Concrete and Practicible; Hard Effort at Pardoning Self and Others Will Create Blessings for All |more...|
from the First Presiding Emissary, March 16, 2000
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Heavenly Amnesty

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