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Background Circumstances of our Church's Request to Tiandi for a Year of Heavenly Amnesty
"As the Second Presiding Emissary of the Tiandi Teachings to this world, I, Lee Wei-sheng, poured my heart's blood into writing a message during Celestial Inspection Days of 1999. I knelt weeping before the Seat of Rule and implored our Hierarch Tiandi, the Mystic, Encompassing, Supreme Lord, to be inclined with compassion toward us, and to graciously set the year 2000 as a "Year of Heavenly Amnesty." Following the massive purgations of these end-times, while Heaven, humanity, and the underworld are engulfed in karma, I plead for multitudes of spirit-beings in our domain. Let them follow the rational progression of pardoning self and pardoning others, which leads to amnesty from Heaven. In keeping with such natural laws as the dignity of living things, the harmony of survival, and blessings of life, let them stop cruelty and violence, and win their way to peace, happiness, and ongoing life. Let them return to the great Tao of the universe, so that life's stream may flow ever onward."
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Heavenly Amnesty

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