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Communication Between Heaven and Man -- Methods
The six methods of Heaven-man communication in our religion are briefly as follows:
1) Mediumship of the planchette: By means of a peach-wood planchette in the medium's hands, the message is revealed in a tray of sand (see illustration).
light2) Mediumship of light: Messages from the spirit realm appear on a "screen of light" (a cloth), and are then revealed by a medium who discerns the light and copies them down.
3) Mediumship of the pen: Messages from the spirit realm are transmitted into the medium's brain and, being converted there to human language, are revealed through the written word.
4) Mediumship of sound: A broadcast to the medium from the spirit realm, the exact principle where of awaits proof.
5) Cosmic ch'i healing: Sympathetic force arises from the heartfelt pleas of healer and sufferer, drawing on cosmic ch'i from the spirit realm to cure illness.
6) Quiet contemplation: Direct communion with the spirit realm by one's own efforts is a sort of "immediate enlightenment". To experience it for oneself requires profound practice in quiet meditation.
Persons aspiring to attainment in these techniques of Heaven-man communication need to look to our Church for rigorous training and monitoring, as well as to their own personal practice.
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