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Communication Between Heaven and Man -- Principles
From a scientific perspective, the means for contact between physical human bodies and the nonphysical spirit-realm is analogous to the principle of radio and television. Both radio and television receivers process and convert a non-physical, electromagnetic signal, through a certain channel, into a physical sound or picture.
Human thought is an electropic emanation. If thoughts are allowed to emanate haphazardly, they will project in all directions and end in nothingness; if thoughts are collected and directed toward a point (bonding force), in time they will cause an electropic response ( harmonizing force ) in the object focussed upon. The two kinds of e-tropicity act together, and sympathetic force thus arises. Briefly, emanations of thought from a person are bonding force; such bonding force, if focalized on an object, will make the object exert harmonizing force in return. The mutual action of these two forces can transmit information. Utilizing the mutual effect of bonding and harmonizing forces to let humans contact the non-physical spirit realm is "Heaven-man communication".
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