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The Twenty Words of Truth
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1.Chung (Loyalty)
2.Shu (Forgiveness)
3.Lien (Incorruptibility)
4.Ming (Insight)
5.Teh (Virtue)
6.Cheng (Rectitude)
7.Yi (Justice)
8.Hsin (Trustworthiness)
9.Ren (Forbearance)
10.Kung (Fairness)
11.Po (Philanthropy)
12.Hsiao (Filial Piety)
13.Jen (Benevolence)
14.Tz'u (Compassion)
15.Chueh (Awareness)
16.Chieh (Moderation,Fidelity)
17.Chien (Frugality)
18.Chen (Truthfulness)
19.Li (Propriety)
20.Ho (Harmony)
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